Undergoing weight loss (bariatric) surgery is a life changing decision and is rarely undergone without long term consideration. While bariatric surgery will result in weight loss, it is important to acknowledge the nutritional and psychological challenges that can occur post-operatively.

The physiological alteration of the gastrointestinal system results in permanent changes of nutritional requirements and likely food intolerance’s. At BNS, we will ensure you received all the education and support to reduce the risk of experiencing negative outcomes and manage unpredictable outcomes as they arise.

We also have an acute awareness of the psycho-nutrition effects of bariatric surgery. After surgery, some patients are confronted with re-learning a lifetime of food-related behaviours. We understand that this process can be daunting, unfamiliar and confrontational and strive to provide clients with as much support to develop good eating and lifestyle habits as required. Your weight loss, nutritional status, overall health and long-term weight maintenance is our highest priority. We will assist with monitoring your blood results, recommendations on essential nutritional supplements, food choices, portions, eating behaviours  and learning about your new gastro-intestinal system. 

What to expect with our Dietitian:

  • Education on post-operative nutrition and lifestyle outcomes
  • Understanding of your individual needs. This includes your medical history, current medications, standard oral intake, supports & barriers, diet and lifestyle behaviour’s and readiness for change. (Please obtain a medical summary from your GP to assist with this)
  • Explain the key elements for successful surgery, weight loss, optimal nutritional status and weight maintenance. 
  • Guidance on your pre-operative diet
  • Intense post-operative support during the textural modification phases or for as long as required
  • Regular support and education for the first year post-operatively 
  • Annual nutritional checks 
  • Additional support and education as required.  
  • Time – we understand there is no “one size fits all” approach to consultations. We offer extended consultations or sessions for those who require additional support
  • Compassion – we will listen to your concerns and answer your questions until you are comfortable with the process.  
  • Various methods of consultations to meet your needs, including face-to-face, phone and skype.